Adams Guscan

Welcome! my name is Adams Guscan and I am happy connecting with you here. I am a preacher, a teacher, author and an entrepreneur.  I taught in a number of secondary schools before I became a preacher. I’ve done entrepreneurship all since I started living on my own.   I am a masters degree fellow at Eastern College of Australia. My experience in dealing with real-life challenges, having countless counselling sessions with various people, and my interactions with a number of people from various corners of the world, put me in the right position to help you in a number of areas.  I am the founding pastor of Jesus for Life Outreach. I don’t only preach to people, I teach people from all backgrounds of faiths on how to find meaning in life in Christ Jesus. Look at this, a number of people have left this earthly life with a question on their lips of “what is life”? or “why are we here”?  “why do we struggle a lot yet we go with nothing?” If you have ever asked yourself such a question for any reason, or if you have found an answer to such a question. You are in the right place and you can write your testimony below and others will learn from you.  You and I can start another journey together. This is an interactive platform on which I expect you to share your views. I teach from my heart on a number of themes ranging from faith, business and personal development. This is not just a motivational platform. It’s about real life experiences, what you and I pass through daily, and how we can find solutions to a number of life problems.

Please go to my blog below where you will find various soul touching topics ranging from starting a Christian centered business from scratch, living your calling, and how you can remain steady in faith and focused on your dreams in this noisy world.  You are free to contribute and share your story with the world, leave a comment or question on any topic and  I will be happy hearing from you. God bless you today.