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Published August 28, 2018 by Adams in My Blog, Sermons

It’s very important that, in trying to search for how we should serve others, we should learn (and I really mean train ourselves) to be authentic. In other words, one should learn to be him/herself.  Living authentically enables one to quickly reconnect with his core being- his true nature or his soul (the non-corrupt nature) all the time. This is Key to doors of happiness and joy that paves way for what others may call success. Have you ever pretended to be someone you are not? Do you hear that inner voice telling you; “you are not this”. Authenticity, therefore, helps us to;

  • Respect and love our selves for what we are,
  • Know our boundaries and respect others for what they are
  • Follow our core values
  • Keep real all the time
  • Achieve our life goals with no regret for we take responsibility for our action

But what does Authenticity Mean?

Living authentically means living a life that originates from one’s inner truths extending outwardly. Individuals who try to live an authentic life, have tried to align themselves with their higher levels of being. This means that their actions are perfectly matched with their words and aligned with their values and beliefs.

At birth, your soul, body, and mind are completely a true definition of you. As you grew up, you were introduced by your parents and peer groups to what is good and bad, right and wrong, black and white and many other things in life. Your parents chose many things for you, your school teachers decided on what you should do. And you just listened and followed them without question. In some homes especially in Africa, parents have a great influence on what their children should be in the future. They dictate on what subject combinations their children should do at the university and to a larger extent, some parents chose partners for their children. In other words, someone else is “living your life”.   This is quite a hard word to say even as I write now.

You will not find the true source of joy if you allow society or other people’s opinions to shape your life and alter you from what you truly know you are.  You will always find yourself struggling with the burden of disconnect between who you really are and what society says you should be. Where is peace in that? I know you will never satisfy society. But be yourself and let the peace in you expand outwards. So what is the product of being authentic? = Truthful.

What Is Number One Benefit of Authenticity?

A life of fulfilled dreams. Think about a man who invented an Airbus, a train, the computer or a phone. Ask yourself, were such people directed by someone else to do so? And if so, who was that? And where did he get the idea? Then they must have been authentic for having non altered dreams. Thanks to God they never gave up!

This is what I am talking about, deep within each one of us, is a power of authenticity. This can be carefully explored by carefully following the words of God -the creator, who knows each and every corner of our inner lives.

How do you know you are Not Authentic?

The spirit in you will tell you “you are not authentic”. Did you ever get involved in copying exams in school? If you didn’t, thank God.  Lack of authenticity is like copying an exam while in class. You will never feel proud of the right answers because you know it’s not your brains that did so. There are signs that can show us that we are not being authentic in our lives.

  • Constant complaints on a job. Do you love what you are doing? Is it what you are supposed to be doing now?
  • Fighting wife or husband. Do you really love him/her?
  • Why don’t you face him/her?

Authenticity means living our truth and being ourselves pursuing our dreams no matter what. We keep in harmony with God’s creation, we see others the way we see ourselves. We become real. We start to do things (in politics, job, business, Church) with all the energy and commitment without expecting anybody’s support or sabotage because it’s our initiative anyway. We become happier with our opponents than ever. Authenticity is an act of the Spirit within us. It unmasks our true nature. Therefore, be authentic.

So how do we apply authenticity to business, faith, marriage and everyday life? I know the answers are already coming in one by one into your mind. If they haven’t, just wait a minute.  Have you read about life Giving Diets? Please go to next page

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