Exploring Canaan

Posted by Adams on 27/06/2017
Lesson; Mind the people you walk with in your life Reference: Numbers 13. 25-33 (Better you read the whole chapter) Main service The story of the spies Moses sent to inspect the land God had given the Children of Israel is an interesting story! The group went to the sameRead More

Face that Alligator

Posted by Adams on 20/05/2017
In life, we meet such threatening moments that we start screaming and asking questions such as;“Why me?“, what next? “where do I go from here?”, or “How did it happen this way?”. in such situations, we become prey to the condition itself, We become vulnerable. You feel lonely and insteadRead More
The Past is Completely Gone, YOU will Never Be Part of the past Again “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing”. Bible. Isaiah 43:18. Some people spend a number of their precious hours in the past. They keep meditating onRead More
Did you know that negativity is a result of fear and is number one block to success? Human beings are programmed in such away that they  self –protect and because of this, they give more attention to negative experiences than positive ones. For example, when a person is told toRead More

Crossing over

Posted by Adams on 09/12/2014
Preacher:    Pastor Jane Gatete. Reference:  Exodus 23:20-23. Series:     Passover. Date:  7th. Dec.2014     In all areas we are destined to succeed, God sends His angel ahead of us, the battle is therefore not ours but God’s. Sometimes we fail to realize this truth and we fightRead More