Community Outreach

Every last Thursday of the month, We have a team that visits hospitals (preach and pray for the sick), prisons, colleges, schools and children villages including homes of orphans. We have seasonal trainings (seminars) for youths interested in evangelism. We also have a team specialized in door to door preaching

Our outreach team makes trips to remote areas where there are people that would like to know and receive Jesus Christ. We work hand in hand with local Church leaders in organizing door to door evangelism and preaching to communities that desperately desire to have a personal relationship with God.

 Every  Last Friday of the month, We have overnight prayers. A wonderful time to learn and pray during cold and quiet moments.

Second Saturday of the month:    We conduct short term trainings of our members who want to get involved in full time ministry to acquire an in-depth biblical foundational teaching that can enable them to skillfully evangelize the world for Christ in a minimal amount of time.