Community Savings Scheme

In 2018, JEFLO started a Community Savings  Scheme (CSS) owned and controlled by the Church. The purpose of  this CSS was to enable individual members be able to save money and get enough capital to start their own self support projects.

The success of this CSS has been attributed to the group’s willingness to work together to set up and fund their individual projects for their personal development. These projects include, tailoring, building, school fees fund, solely operated shops and agri-based businesses.
Our  CSS is organized with :
1. An appointed team of officials
2. An agreed membership terms and conditions with regulations to follow
3. A clear and simple agreement between all the members as to how the CSS runs
4. Clear goals for what the CSS wants to achieve
5. Agreed rules on how much  members will save and what the money will be spent on
6. Trust and honesty of members.

Started with only 4 members, our CSS currently has a total number of 25 active members.

Below are some of the testimonies of members