Dealing with Negativity,maintaining a positive mind

Published December 10, 2014 by Adams in Sermons

Did you know that negativity is a result of fear and is number one block to success? Human beings are programmed in such away that they  self –protect and because of this, they give more attention to negative experiences than positive ones. For example, when a person is told to write about his bad life experiences, in just an hour they can write 2 full pages, but it will take that same person a night to think about their achievements in life.  This is because our negative thoughts far much affects our psychology, and they way we look at the world, and life in general.

In our early days of growth, human beings are exposed to words and conditions which in the long run determine the programs of their brains. For example, children are told to run away from snakes, and other dangerous animals and as long as a child lives, his brain will manufacture self protecting messages, to enable that child “fear” snakes and such animals, you can see how the brain has self protected the child from just run away, to “fear”. The brain will continue manufacturing self defending chemicals  and as long that child leaves, he will live in fear of such animals as was told him at his early stages of growth.

The truth is, we all have some bad wiring which needs to be attended to.  We all have beliefs which make our lives very miserable, and fail to enjoy the only one gift of life.  We can however with persisting efforts, willingness and awareness free ourselves from destructive, hurting thoughts and increase our sense of now, in so doing, we will be able to re-program our brains and minds for happiness, positive living, love and peak performance at everything we do.

Remember I have used the word “willingness” and ‘awareness”, you must be willing to let go of your destructive negative and fearful thoughts and you should be aware that you are committed to reprogramming your brain. You cant be win any battle in life before you win it in your mind.  The biggest battle to win is in your mind and you have to win this first. This is one reason God before sending leaders of His children to war,  He tells them “Do not fear” in so doing he wants them to win the first battle in their mind before they can win the battle of the sword.  Also it’s only that person who has sat for an exam or gone to war that can hope for victory. You can not hope for victory while turning in your rocking chair at home.

We are going to share some techniques which if willingly used, will surely help you change your life and maintain a positive attitude.

1. Change your negative belief systems.

Our belief systems many times drag us in complete negativity and lack. For example the world says wheat you give out, is gone and never to get it again. Now this is a belief system that is based on scarcity, lack and dissatisfaction. The truth which I want to teach you now, and which the world has failed to agree with is that; what you give, you get back, and many times back.  I will use a very simple principle here, let’s look at a farmer sowing seeds of maize in one acre of land. What is at the back of his mind? Does he want maize? Is he tired of keeping that maize?  What is at the back of his mind surely? And why does he only use good quality maize?  He throws away all the precious maize into the soil anticipating to get back more than he sowed.

Because the world’s belief system is based on lack, they say what you give, you lose, in other words, they don’t have hope that a farmer after giving maize seeds to the soil, the land produces back, and pays him more than he gave it.

Many people are kept in negative thoughts and are afraid of giving out love because they fear that they will be disappointed. That is a wrong thought, its based on scarcity all you are required to do is give out your love to others in order for you get back love.  A  number of people pass through this world screaming and searching for love, while remaining very selfish and cant ever share their love with others. That’s a kind of rat race.

2. Face your fear courageously with a willing mind to eradicate them.

If you face your fear courageously with a willing mind to eradicate them out of your mind, you diminish them. If you fail to face them boldly, fear can grow like until it reaches a point of holding you back from your expected progress. The truth is that no one else can help you eradicate fear out of your mind except you only. You have the power to fully take care of your mind. This is number one reason God tells His people NOT to fear, He speaks authority in their mind to have charge over their own mind.

With persistent willingness, we can overcome fear. But does this mean one can wake up one morning and he is fear free? It is a gradual process, actually one  amazing thing is that, you may find yourself even to some extend fearing to employ some of the techniques discussed here. That does not mean that you have lost it all. Actually you may find yourself going back to your original state of fear even when you have chosen to eradicate it all out of your mind. Do not blame your self, that does not mean you are a poor leaner. You are just on the way, and climbing the peak to freedom from fear. Have a mind set that no matter what, you are determined to set yourself free from all fear in so doing, you open the curtains to freedom and a loving world.

3.  Use your active imagination

The mind has the power to create new thing almost every second. We can use the power of active imagination to deny room for fearful and negative thoughts, and replace them with loving thoughts. This is a very powerful tool in overcoming fear.

I should make it clear to you that fear is branded differently by different people, others call it worry, doubt, stress, but this is all from a single stimulus. Now to be a able to have a mind free from worries, use your active imagination.

For example if  you are worried of your diagnostic HIV results being positive, imagine yourself in such a situation when your results are negative, and maintain that in your mind, actively and consistently think of what you could do if your results were negative. You will find yourself diminishing the power of negative thoughts about positive results.

If you are doubting having children, use your power of active imagination, place yourself in such a world when you are happy with children around you. Now this should not cause you anxiety NO.  Accept your current state,and actively place yourself in such a life when you are happy with children around you, by using the power of active imagination, you will overcome the force of doubts that would otherwise drag you from moving forward.

4. The past is gone it can touch you NOT

One of the most strongest medicines around, is time. Actually time is a very powerful medicine to EVERY life threatening situation. Time is God given and free of Charge. Every other life threatening condition, worry, doubt or fear,  if given time, will heal.

Unfortunately, many people do not make use of this free medicine. They keep retracting the past, mixing it with the present and diluting it with the future.  You can not create a future standing on the past. Majority still believe that their past mistakes can affect their future this is a wrong belief. The past is sleeping, it is all forgotten and does not need to be awakened. Actually the past is as dirty as a dustbin. Anything you throw in the dust bin however good it may look, will not come back as it was, it will have some contamination, some bad smell, some staining.

The past is not concerned with you, it’s resting, lifeless and it can touch you NOT. Fear of past mistakes and failures reoccurring in the future is a very big block that limits people from moving forward. Overcome this and move forward.

Time is a very good solvent of the past, with time it will pass away. Okay what you are fearing today, will not kill you, it will pass away wit time. Just give it time. stop switching on that button that brings back bad memories of the past. ignore it, or kick off the engine of your mind and you will open a world of love.



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