Face that Alligator

Published May 20, 2017 by Adams in Sermons

In life, we meet such threatening moments that we start screaming and asking questions such as;“Why me?“, what next? “where do I go from here?”, or “How did it happen this way?”. in such situations, we become prey to the condition itself, We become vulnerable. You feel lonely and instead of “liony”. All the energy goes off. I am here to tell you a different approach when facing such tough situations. I am here to help you regain yourself. You are never alone.

Tough situations in life are great moments of learning if you can only prepare your mind, accept the challenge and get moving. From experience, you will realize that, there is a very great opportunity in every hard time that you either neglect, misuse or ran away from. Great men and women have in the past used this technique of impressing hard times, picking the best lessons, and actually turning tough times into learning grounds, picking only the best out out of it and moving forward. Can I tell you of Daniel? David? Abraham? Paul? the list is loooong.

Today, make a commitment not to course yourself when life presents you to tough and challenging moments. Be strong, face the alligator, speak to it and see it get out of your way. The moment you start asking yourself questions of why me? etc, you weaken your mind, and become prone to alligator’s surprise attack. Be strong, move forward.

I am here to help you regain your strength. Our lord Jesus Christ, your creator, loves you, and needs to re-build you again.

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