You can support any of our Church projects and programs by giving a gift of any kind. We have a number of projects that need your support, any gift you give will directly go towards the following;

Pupils of King Jesus Junior school 20121. Construction of our school- King Jesus Junior School. This school is a Church project, it is managed by Mrs Teddy Adams. It stands basically on simple collections from parents of children. Being in a remote area with majority of the parents being peasants the money paid as school fees is NOT enough to give basic needs to pupils and teachers. You can help support a child, you can help pay school fees for a single child, and you will have transformed his/her life. Your gift will help construct this school and transform our nation.

Do you mind reading through our school concept note here?CONCEPT NOTE FOR KJS

Church Pulpit2. Church construction. Our Church is a growing Church. We have not yet constructed it. We still pray under a temporary shelter. We still would like to buy more land on which our Church is located, and build a permanent Church structure. We kindly request for your sincere support if you see it good that way. And may the almighty God richly bless you.

3. Monthly outreaches (Evangelism). You can be part of our outreach program. Your gift will go towards transporting the outreach team and putting in place any other materials required for the smooth running of the missions. May God bless you for choosing to become part of this special team.

Young Adams