King Jesus Junior School

GOAL:   To Create Productive, Self-reliant, God-fearing and Responsible Future Leaders

Nursery school children of KJS 2013

Motto:  “We are God’s workmanship”

School Project Background

King Jesus Junior School is a nursery and primary school located 19 miles from Kampala city in Mwererwe LC1 along Kampala – Matugga -Semuto road. This school was founded in 2012 with the following objectives;

  • To provide better, affordable and reachable and quality education services to the children in Mwererwe village.
  • To create employment opportunities for teachers and support staff in Mwererwe village
  • To reduce the rate of illiteracy in Mwererwe village.
  • Provide good and safe water to the children

The school is located on the Church land, and is greatly supported by Church leaders.  Before King Jesus Junior school was opened in 2012,  Mwererwe village had only one government-owned primary school. Majority of the young children walked long distances to access the only school that was in there, some children reached school as late as 10:00 am, and a number of them crossed busy roads to reach school putting their lives at risk. Because of this, some parents kept their children back home and stopped them from going long distances to school. Other parents introduced their children to activities like swamp-sand and water fetching and bricklaying for money. This act contributed to illiteracy and crimes in this village. Majority of children in this village up to now cannot read and write despite the government’s efforts to give free education because the only school that was in this village was not enough for the many children found in Mwererwe Village.

Graduation day. Parent and pupil receiving gifts and certificate of graduation

King Jesus Junior school aims at bringing quality education services near children in this village so as to help reduce the level of illiteracy and prepare them for a bright future.

With the help of dedicated people including Adams the director of the school, his wife Birabwa Teddy, and Esther Nakyeyune a trained and experienced primary teacher, this school was able to start in temporary building structures made using timber, poles and iron sheets. These acted as classrooms and operational offices.

In the first year of operation, they recruited 80 children in baby class, nursery and primary one.

As years went by and the number of children increased, the school management saw a need to hire more teachers and more support staff to assist in teaching children and taking care of the young babies respectively while at school.. Currently, the school has a population of 150 children from primary one to primary six.  Eight (8)teachers, of which 5 are men, 3 are women and 2 support staff.

In an effort to fight illiteracy which contributes to poverty in this village, although this school currently stands on the help of Church members including payment of teacher’s salaries, the directors feel there is a need for this school to be helped, funded so as to acquire the basic needs such as piped and safe water, well-constructed classrooms, and other necessities that can fully assist these children to study in a good class environment. Today, children of King Jesus Junior school are still studying in dusty classrooms.

Graduation candidates

In addition, Mwerere village is one of the villages still behind in terms of education services with poor health facilities and lack of safe water.  It took years after the 1981-86 civil war for the road connecting to this village from Kampala city to be constructed.  Although near the Kampala, most children dropped out of school as a result of the civil war, this contributed to poverty and children from poor families that could not afford to send their children to better schools, have not been able to acquire quality education.

Short term targets

The Church expects to achieve the following targets in the next 10 years through this school project.

  • Improved quality education in Mwererwe LC1.
  • Reduced illiteracy. At least ALL Children should be able to read and write
  • Create 25 employment opportunities for youths working as teachers
  • Add on the size of land for the school to 10 acres.
  • Build permanent classrooms and dormitories for learners.
  • Increased number of school children
  • Recruit more teaching and non-teaching staff members.

Long-Term Targets

Self-reliant, productive, God-fearing and Responsible Future leaders

Employment opportunities for people working as teachers.

Daily Activities at school

  • Teaching Children in baby, lower and upper primary.
  • Building permanent classrooms and offices
  • Registration of more children
  • Supervision
  • Co-curricular activities (Football, netball, Music Dance and drama and athletics)
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Our Strengths

  • We have a team of dedicated well -trained staff members. All our teachers are qualified.
  • Strong support from the community
  • A very good environment.

 Partnership, Organization and Management

Pioneer Parents and PTA of King Jesus Junior School after a meeting (File Photo)

The board of directors comprises of four members and is responsible for implementing most of the decisions made in the management committee meetings.   The senior pastor of Jesus for Life Church is the Managing Director of King Jesus Junior School and chairman Board of Directors.

The headteacher reports directly to the school principal that reports to the directors.

The heads of departments report to the head teacher. All support staff report to the respective heads of departments

King Jesus Junior School is a project of Jesus for Life Church.  Most of the support from the Church helps run school activities.

The opportunity of partnerships is open to all who may want to partner with King Jesus Junior School.

Project Location

 King Jesus Junior school is found in Gombe sub-county, Mwererwe LC1 on the Church land 19 miles Semuto-road from Kampala city

Wakiso- UGANDA- East-Africa

Benefits and Beneficiaries

The benefits of constructing this school will all go to the beneficiaries of this project who are;

  1. The children Studying at King Jesus Junior school,
  2. The children in Mwererwe village who shall join this school in years to come,
  3. The teachers and support staff working in this school.

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