My Hope Africa

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful I know that full well my frame was not hidden from you, when 1 was made in the secret place.” Psalms 139:14-15

Africa is a beautiful continent with major Biblical historical sites.  It is a continent where River Nile originates, the great Nile River that temporarily kept Moses from being killed by Pharaoh and his men. Exodus 2:1-10.  Africa is a continent where Egypt is found a nation where the patriarch Jacob and his family ran when there was a great famine in Canaan Genesis 42: Latter on, we see a great historical event starting in Africa -Egypt that led to a 40 years journey of the Children of Israel in the wilderness -a great lesson in the Bible.

Africa is a place where the earthly parents of Jesus Christ took Him when God told them that Herod was planning to kill the boy. Matthew 2:13-23. Africa is at God’s heart as other continents too. God loves Africa.  You can call it a place of rescue.

The man who helped carry the cross of Jesus is thought to have been an African. Simon of Cyrene Luke:23:26.

Africa is blessed with a great weather pattern. In most African countries, people receive rain when they need it, and sunshine when they need it. Africa is blessed.

Of late, the enemy has been fighting the glory of Africa with a strong sword of disease and poverty.  AIDS has been at the peak and number one cause of adolescent deaths in the sub-saharan Africa, young boys and girls as young as 10 -19 years contracting the disease and dying at an early age.  Youths with HIVE face a problem of loneliness and self rejection. Majority are isolated in their communities.  Some girls working as house maids are forced into sex by men who infect them with the disease. Some of these are latter chased away from such homes and left to wonder in a harsh hot world.  The world turns around for such a girl, day becomes night, and the future seems to be the past. Life becomes meaningless.  Something can be done to change this. And the Church is at the fore front of ending this problem, giving hope to an African girl.

Poverty and gender based violence keeps threatening homes.  The gradual change in climate has worsened things as most communities in Africa relied on natural means of energy and water for farming.  Poverty alone has been the lead cause of family breakdowns.  Some men have abandoned their homes living women at the forefront of family survival.  Husbands have stabbed their wives on trivial cases of money. Children have turned up against their parents, and some have ended their lives because of money. On the other side, wives have abandoned their husbands due to extreme poverty.  Hunger has become another big contributor of break down of marriages, displaced people and caused a number of deaths.

Africa has been behind in technology, there are some communities of people who have up to now remained living in the bush and they know nothing about technology.

Human Trafficking is now common in Africa like in other places around the world. Human trafficking has been widely reported in many African countries. Trafficking is done for a number of reasons but all rotate around money.  What is human trafficking?  It is the criminal illegal trading of human beings for the purpose of exploiting their labour. It involves the loss of control by an individual over his her situation. Human trafficking has occurred within African and across the boarders. Young girls and boys looking for jobs have been tricked in a number of ways and eventually find themselves working as sex workers in foreign countries.  Children are abducted by merciless men and women and sacrificed or exchanged for money.

Worth noting, are civil wars and political disturbances that have claimed millions of lives across Africa.  Leaders started wars when they wanted for trivial reasons as if it was their right putting millions of innocent lives in danger. Corruption has been at the peak in many African countries.  Amidst all these, God has not forgotten Africa.

The Church in Africa is growing (in size and spirit) very fast possibly than in any other continent, and God is working miracles in Africa more than before.  In a number of African countries, there is freedom of worship Christians have been allowed to fully preach the gospel. In some countries, street preaching is allowed.  This, with God’s grace has paved way for the fast growth of the Church in Africa

There is HOPE that all our Challenges in Africa will soon be gone. Poverty will go, diseases will go, famine will end and the green vegetation cover will regain its beauty again.   Africa will remain a place of refuge and a life refreshing continent once again. Wars will end and love which is the essence of our being will drive all hearts of people in Africa.  We will see each other as brother and sister. And majority will stop dreaming of greener Pasteur on the other side of the world.  Africa will rise and stand more than it is currently and this starts with you and I.

All people who have taken refuge in other countries will come back to their motherland for it will be a land of peace and freedom.

People are God’s most special creation.  Of all the precious things God created, people are the most valuable to Him.  He made us in His own image and made us have dominion over the rest of the creation. Genesis 1:26-31; Genesis 2:19-20.

Leaders are called to work for God’s people and completely serve them.

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