Other ways of giving

At Jesus for life Church, we offer other ways for you to financially support the Church

Gifts of Cash or checks. This is the most common way to give.  Simply make a check payable to Jesus for Life Church.  Such gifts can be placed into the offering boxes presented to you in the Church building or in the envelopes that will be given to you every Sunday services.  Please specify on your envelope which kind of contribution you are giving.  If your gift is cash, please specify your name and address. This is very important to us for our record-keeping as we shall have to match your funds to our various needs and activities as; Mission trips, and Church projects

If you are our first time visitor, we recommend that you don’t pay your tithe here.  We suggest you pay your tithe at the Church where you are based. However, if you feel called to do so, talk to the pastor first so he guides you through this. If you are a non Ugandan citizen, and you would like to support our Church financially, kindly contact us.

One time Gifts. You can send us your one time gift for a particular cause or mission. Fill our contact form, and let us know from you.

Planned Giving.  You can make a monthly contribution to our Church by carefully planning your date of contribution each month. In case you have any questions, or need more clarification on the above mentioned information, please contact us.

For more details on how to give. Please contact Regina Nalumasi – the Church’s treasury 0n +256779492536