The Past Can Not Touch You Anymore

Published June 2, 2016 by Adams in Sermons

The Past is Completely Gone, YOU will Never Be Part of the past Again
“Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing”. Bible. Isaiah 43:18.

Some people spend a number of their precious hours in the past. They keep meditating on the past even while walking and are thinking about their past when planning the future. They are basing on the past when praying. They are afraid to tell God what they want because they are worried He already knows their past. Although He knows your past, God does not want you to dwell on the past. The past is part of you, you learned ant it’s all finished. The past is gone and it cannot touch you anymore. All your past mistakes are gone. By the fact that you are still alive and strong, you have multiple chances of reaching your destination. Because you have accepted your past mistakes, it’s a great opportunity for you to correct yourself (you cant correct past mistakes, but you can learn lessons, correct yourself) and build a strong future.

Homes have failed because couples keep referring to past mistakes. Marriages break down if doors to the past were not closed. You need to completely close the door to the past if you are to enjoy the present and walk into the future. Holding yourself in the past is like tying yourself on to a pole at a time you want to compete in a race.
Only that which was not fit for the present remained in the past. You are fit for the present and ready to walk into the future. Picking painful memories of the past is like opening a dustbin, which has finished days without being emptied and only maggots, bad smell, is what you expect in such a dustbin. It’s like re-opening a wound that has prepared to heal.

I will still take you shortly to the Bible if you will keep within that gentle spirit of tolerance. The creator reminds His people that; He does new things, actually, He promises streams of water in the deserts. This is a great assurance that you must keep expecting and waiting for something new. The Bible teaches about self-transformation -changing from the old patterns of behavior or habits, and adopting new ones. I have been mentioning that; all these are but examples of many reasons why I personally believe the Bible is the right book to read if you want to understand humanity very well. Evolution does not teach self-transformation of an already perfectly formed creature.

If you pray while still holding on to your painful past, you may not clearly see the miracles of an answered prayer. If one is not willing to let go of the past, such an individual will not realize the miracles of living in the present -the miracle of “now”.
Within the present, can you realize the miracle of love; the truth is that the mind is connected. Within the present can you know that you are not passing through that situation alone. Enjoy the present, have perfect peace, plan perfectly well, enjoy the gifts of nature and your life will be colorful.
A number of people struggle to get a painful past go. I will also show you how to let a painful situation go, and completely let go. You can become a new creation. All your mistakes were at that time, now that you have known the truth you are free. You are unlimited.
I will touch on specific examples of situations, which I have come to know about through my interactions with people. And because you have read it here, know you are not the only one facing it; someone else has ever passed through it. You will forgive me if you read something below and it reminds you of your painful past. Yes, you are still on the way to being “past free.” But remember because I have shared it with you here, somebody else like you passed through it and they are now free because they let go.

Did you abort? It was not your mistake; it was a mistake of your poorly programmed mind at that time. You did not know the truth, you were not thinking rightly at that time. And now that you have acquired a right mind, you don’t have to remember the past because you will never abort again. After all, it is not you who aborted, but your wrong mindset controlled by the evil one, the devil threw you into a wrong action of abortion and therefore it is no longer your mistake. Can you now read the words below louder?
“My mistake of abortion was because of my weak mind, I have set it behind me. I have known the truth. I have to move forward. I will never remind myself of what I went through. Remembering it is useless after all I WILL NEVER ABORT again. I have deleted that memory about abortion and thrown it into the dustbin. It’s gone forever”

Did you murder? Killed a friend, betrayed somebody, and the memory of the past still tortures you? It was not your mistake. It was the mistake of your weak mind. You have now known the truth; you will never kill again because you can never be upset again. Can you now repeat the statement below louder?
“My mistake of murder was because of my weak mind. I mistook myself for a wrong person. I have known the truth. I have known that remembering my mistake of murder is meaningless after all I will never wish anybody bad again. It’s all gone forever”
You know yourself better than me, and can write your own message to suit your situation. You can follow the following guidelines
• List three events in your life characterized by pain that you thought you would not forget.
• List two reasons why you keep remembering them
• Make one commitment to forget all those past events because they are useless and can neither help nor hurt you anymore.
I want to share with you a message below, which touches my heart every time I read it. Help yourself forget all your past mistakes, Imagine you are facing God the creator, and He is telling you this message; –
“Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land” Bible Isaiah 1:18-19
“I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Bible. Isaiah 43: 19

Will you read more in my book Titled “undrownable” It will help you overcome all limiting beliefs about the past and you will be Be undrownable May God bless you all the time.

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