Volunteer with us

Volunteers are the life blood of our ministry.  The Church has a number of activities in which you can volunteer . There is no way we can effectively reach out to many people without the support of many individuals and you can be one of them.

As you can imagine, one single person can not manage to do everything alone. And the Church does not have enough funds to pay every single activity done to reach out to the needs of millions of people around the globe. We appreciate support from individuals like you. There are various areas in which you can volunteer with us, and before you choose to volunteer with us please first read Mission and priorities

Hospital Outreach 2006

Evangelism. We have monthly visits to hospitals, prisons, and schools and do community activities including building homes for the elderly.  In so doing we get a chance of talking to people and present the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.  You can fill the foam below and let us know if you are interested in volunteering with us.  Note that; This opportunity is ONLY available for people who have undergone Biblical trainings, who understand the power of the great commission.  We make monthly trainings of our team members. If you would wish to join us, but you lack basic training, kindly write to us. We shall love to work with you.

Teaching. Although we pay our teachers at King Jesus Junior School we have many positions in the school where you can volunteer if you are a qualified primary and interested in volunteering or doing internship with us.  We only accept trained teachers and  community workers.  You can volunteer in training children in co-curricular activities, music dance and drama. You can sign an agreement with us to volunteer for a year , 6 months or less. Please read about King Jesus Junior School here

Visit to children’s home 2009

Personal development trainings; Are you an experienced mentor? We have monthly classes for working class men and women. We teach about work, and personal development and business basing on Biblical teachings.  If you are a trained business expert, you can volunteer in teaching a series of classes transforming the lives of people. Please check details of our program on our Calendar.

NOTE: Volunteering is a very great opportunity that most people have neglected in their lives.  It exposes us to many people and can take you to places. Voluntary work is one way of expressing your love for God and for your fellow human beings through giving without expecting anything in return.  Although voluntary work sounds so easy to majority of people, at JEFLC, because you shall be directly touching lives of people, we do not take it so cheap. We request that you come with a letter from your Church pastor, and also request you to fill a 15 minutes volunteer application form below.