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Whereas some teachers have felt, it’s very essential for a Christian to work hard, other people have seen no reason for working hard. Solomon did say; “All is meaningless“. The fact remains, we continue to have needs and every day we put our hands on something. In other words, we find ourselves working almost every day. Another point is, our works are completely different.  In the very first pages of the Bible, the book of Genesis, the Bible shows us God working and very busy with the work of creation (Genesis 1:1-15) if you carefully read that chapter, you will realize a very carefully planned set of activities. Each activity followed the other. God arranged His activities in a very systematic way.  Man was created last because he was to oversee the entire creation. What a great lesson!!. In the book of  John 5: 17, Jesus shows us that God is always working. “My father is working until now, and I am working”  Our LORD shows us how serious He took His work. This is a great lesson for you and I.

Paul teaches about work. He becomes an example of transparency, sincerity, humility, leadership, and this strengthened his reputation in public. he created good relationships with people and encouraged them to work.  Humanity was created with different needs and some of these needs drive every human being to work. It is believed that man has three basic needs, Purpose, love, and significance. These three tents to move us every day to put our hands on something. We find sense in somethings we do, whereas others are completely meaningless. To avoid spending your precious time on useless things, you need to take a time and check the way you do things. You need to set goals afresh.

Human beings are programmed to finish particular tasks and the more good goals you accomplish in life, the more happiness you attract towards yourself. In this lesson, we will learn the importance of setting goals, how to set goals and remain on them completely until we get accustomed to a life of goal setting. This simple lesson is for you as a Christian, to fully achieve your goals. To maximize the beauty of your calling, to stop complaining and to find a meaning in your life and everything that God has called you to do.


So what is a goal? = A goal is a specific aim or the desired result.  Goals are what drive human beings to work every day. Our minds are set to achieve particular goals. We are designed to work day after day to achieve particular goals. It’s therefore very important to have well-written goals so as to clearly help our minds get clear road maps of our lives. We saw in Genesis 1:1-15 that God set a clear goal of creation. He perfectly created the universe and its host in six days. His goal was creation.

How do I set goals?

We all have many different goals in our minds, and these goals keep crossing each other day after day. These goals can confuse us if not properly separated based on the time they are needed and the impact they have on our lives if or not completed. Goals can be separated and  basically categorized into;

  • Personal-health goals
  • Family goals
  • Business goals
  • Spiritual goals
  • Relationships goals

After separating goals, they become clear and easy to move about in our minds.

How Do I Achieve My Goals?

  • Have a Burning Desire. What is your passion? What would you do with a 6B money if you got it today?
  • Believe your goal is achievable. Set SMART goals SMART = Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound. There is nothing that can help a man who does not believe that he will reach where he is going. However much hardworking you can be, without believing that you will reach where you are going, you will be wasting time. Walk before you run
  • Write your goals. There is a secret in writing your goals down. Everything that God told his people, he later reminded them to write them because they would come to pass. Goals, which are not written down, are NOT goals. Write them down in the present tense every day.
  • Determine your starting point. Where are you now/ and what is your net worth? Be honest with yourself.
  • Determine the reasons why you want to achieve your goals. The more the reasons, the more the intense burning fire within you.
  • Set a deadline. When do you want to achieve your goals? You may hit the bull’s eye. If your goal is big, break it into smaller parts and set deadlines for each goal.
  • Identify obstacles. Apply the 80/20% PRINCIPLE. 80 – Internal – 20 external. average people blame circumstances when things go wrong, successful people ask themselves “What is it I have done wrong that I should change?”
  • Determine additional knowledge and skills. Knowledge is the raw material for success. Any skill can be achieved.
  • Determine the people whose help you will need. You will need the help of many people. Relationships are everything.
  • Make a plan. List of activities Use the ABCDE rule.
  • Visualize your goals as though you already achieved them.
  • Never give up. Take the decision that no matter what it will take you, you will persevere to the end. You must determine in advance that nothing will stop you.


What is discipline?
It is the ability to do what you should do, whether you feel doing it or not

Discipline is the key to success in every person’s calling. It cuts across all areas of life including spiritual, professional and business.


  • by thinking about many things at ago. Have your mind focused on one particular activity.
  • Daily goal setting. Every day, ask yourself;-what do I want to do with my life? Write your goals in the present tense. Write to them daily.
  • Daily Time Management. Every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes of execution. Make a list of every single thing you have to do include making phone calls use the ABCDE rule. A = Things you must do, and have major consequences, B = Things you should do but have mild consequences. C = Things that are NICE to do with no consequences. D = Things that you can delegate

E = Things that you can eliminate.

Take your activities by list eliminating what you know is less important. A1, A2, B1, B2.

  • Force yourself to do what you know should not do. Overcome this fear. Do the things you fear and they will fear you.
  • Avoid debts. Thing more before you invest. Do not rush to invest
  • Work hard. Work time is work time and not jokes time.
  • Continuous learning. Read books that build you in your field
  • Persist in the fence of adversity

Why finance discipline?

  • Guaranteed financial success
  • More work is done and faster
  • Greater self-esteem
  • The character of personal greatness
  • Self-confidence
  • A greater sense of self-control

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